PT09K Inserta Pliers

Inserta Pliers are an excellent choice for basic hold-down, quick lock and release clamping.

Insert into Ø16 mm holes for fast hold-down clamping.
Opening: 100mm
Throat Depth: 75mm

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Inserta Pliers mounted on to the top surface of an Economy Clamping Square, can be used at any height. Mount on Right Angle Bracket, Riser Block or Clamping Squares for push-down clamping at an elevated height for taller workpieces

  • * Place into any hole on the table top for fast push-down clamping
  • * The patented rear crank handle allows clamp pressure adjustment while the clamp is in locked position
  • * Use the crank handle to pre-set the clamp opening in repetitious clamping applications
  • * Clip the optional top V-Pads onto the top spindle to clamp round or angled stock

Part No: PT09K


Technical Specification:

Throat Depth A: 75 mm
Opening B: 100 mm
Opening C: 200 mm

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