TMLB20 BuildPro® Leg Brace Kit

Leg Braces reinforce and stabilise the BuildPro® Slotted Table, it's ideal to use as a base for creating shelves.

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Leg Brace assembly includes: Braces, Corner Rail Clamps and Cross Link Tubings.

  • * Suitable for both 1190 x 1000 and 1190 x 1150 mm tables
  • * Place a metal plate or wooden board on the brace framework to create a shelf
  • * Add additional Leg Brace assemblies to create multiple level shelves
  • * Solid construction for additional strength

Part No: TMLB20


Technical Specification:

Table: Slotted.
Table Sizes: 1190 x 1000 and 1190 x 1150 mm
Legs Type: Standard
Leg Diameter: 57 mm

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